Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Boy Loves His Rice Cereal - Banana, Not So Much

This afternoon, I put Second Son in the high chair to feed him some rice cereal. He started to fuss but as soon as he saw me headed his way with a bowl, he stopped. He knew what was coming and was thrilled.

Tonight, we tried something new. I mixed a little mashed banana in with some rice cereal. He did not care for it at all! Wrinkled his nose and turned away. What a crazy baby!

I made up some rice cereal without banana and he chowed his way through two bowls of it. (Very tiny bowls.)


  1. Do you make your own rice cereal? You can grind brown rice in a coffee grinder and then cook it. Turns out very nice. Can't believe he didn't like banana! That was Kolbe's first food and he loved it!

  2. Monica, I never thought about making my own rice cereal until I saw you mention it on your blog. We just bought a box. We've always purchased our cereals (rice, oatmeal, barley) and made everything else. I cooked up some sweet potato today (since I was making some for us older folks) and will share that with Second Son later this week. I can't believe my little baby is eating food!

  3. I once read or heard that it can take 12 tries for a person to acclimate to a new food. If our older ones are any indication, this is totally true. There are foods they would not touch that they now love! They also sometimes voluntarily ask for small bites of things they don't like so they can "get used to it."

    For Gideon, it was apples that took a few tries before he liked them. You'd think fruit would be easy winners...

  4. Well, ladies, it took three or four tries but now he'll eat the banana, though I'm still mixing it with rice cereal or oatmeal to dull the taste a little.

    Sweet potatoes,'d think those were directly from heaven the way he gobbles them up! Messy for mama, though.

    Hilary, I've read recently that some people are literally born picky-eaters. They're palates are very sensitive and no matter how many times they try some foods they just won't like them. Luckily I don't think we have any of those here, but I thought it was interesting.


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