Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inheriting a Super-Power

Second Daughter has inherited my super-power. First Son can't do it. First Daughter can't do it.

Kansas Dad will be looking for something, "encouraging" the children to help him find it. Second Daughter will be hanging out, reading or rocking a baby and will pipe up.

"Where is the Wii remote? Come on, guys, we have to find it. What did you do with it?"
Second Daughter: "It's behind the TV."

"Second Daughter, I don't know where the flashlight is. We'll have to look for it tomorrow."
Second Daughter: "It's on the ledge by the kitchen."

"First Son, I don't know where Mr. Giraffe is."
Second Daughter: "He's in the animal bin in the diving room." (That would be our living room. We don't have a dining room.)

Of course, Second Daughter has an extra advantage in her super-power...because she's often the one who has carried something off and left it somewhere odd.

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