Friday, March 4, 2011

Second Son's Seven Months Post

So I've been telling myself I'd get some pictures off the camera for this post, but...well, to be honest, the number of pictures on the camera seems a little overwhelming. I haven't downloaded them since Christmas. Plus, Kansas Dad just got a new laptop so I may be inheriting his old one and perhaps I want to wait and just put them on it instead of the even older desktop...

Regardless, I think it's time to publish this post without pictures. I can always post those later.

So here's a little about Second Son at seven months (which was back on February 23rd):

He loves to drink water from a cup. Someone has to hold it for him, but he does try to grab it and pull it toward his mouth.

He has no teeth.

He loves eating solid food. He has tried rice cereal, banana, oatmeal, sweet potato, barley, peas, butternut squash, apple, wheat cereal, green beans and chicken. He didn't much care for the banana or the apple the first few times. The sweet potato and the butternut squash were hits. All the cereals were accepted as well. He eats and eats and eats...I'm not sure I've seen him refuse a spoonful of food. Eventually we cut him off because we're afraid too much (as in more than three bowls in one meal!) will upset his stomach. He started gumming some Cheerios just a week before he turned seven months. What a delight that is for Mama! I can stuff two Cheerios in his mouth and take a bite of my own food before he starts to fuss for more.

The kids invented a game to entertain him. It's called "Coconut." It's a one player game (with everyone else in the audience). The player places one of Second Son's stacking cups in a toy skillet, tosses it into the air and attempts to catch it in the skillet. It's more difficult than it seems since the cup nearly always bounces out when it lands. If the player misses, he or she yells "Oh, coconut!" and gets another turn. Second Son and other audience members collapse in giggles.

Second Son stopped wearing his Woombie, right at six months.

He does not like baths. Not even a tiny bit. Not in the infant bathtub, not in the big bathtub alone, not in the big  bathtub with one or more siblings. He doesn't like sitting in water, splashing in the water or putting his hands in water streaming from the faucet. Apparently, water is bad.

His favorite songs are You Are My Sunshine, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus and Pat-a-Cake. He will often smile or laugh in anticipation of tickles he knows are coming.

I think he likes to knock down towers. He's quite serious about it, as if he knows it is a great responsibility and one that is his and his alone. We will build a tower for him. When he spots it, he'll pause his other play, reach out to knock it over, look up at us and then continue his previous playing without smiling.

He will only nap if he's being held. We're working on sleeping in his crib at night. Once he's mastered that (for at least a few hours), we'll tackle nap time. Mama could stand a little increase in her productivity.

You deserve some pictures because he is scrumptious, if I do say so myself. Perhaps this weekend...

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