Friday, April 15, 2011

Finger Food

Second Son is eating finger food -- picked up with his own fingers!

Scooped up and crammed into his mouth would better describe the process.

The important thing is: He's getting food from his tray into his mouth without one of us. Life just got easier. And messier.

In other news, it's so windy Kansas Dad had to chase down the top of our charcoal grill. He also had to wear a hat and gloves to take care of the chickens.

Second Daughter tried to con Kansas Dad into a second bedtime story by claiming that she had picked one and Boots (Curious George in a pink dress) picked the other. He was not convinced.


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  3. Sorry - I'm going to try this again.
    Has Second Daughter read Tom and Pippo Read a Story? If not, it sounds like it's right up her alley. Even though she thinks they're too short, Eliza still loves the Tom and Pippo books. To make up for being short, we have to read four or five in a row.

  4. Tiffany, we'll have to check that book out. I don't think we've read it yet.

    Kansas Dad loves short bedtime stories. He often asks the kids to pick board books so he knows they'll be quick.

  5. I know all about the messy part of eating. Anthony is very good at that. Making a mess while eating, that is. It is nice though, when you can actually eat your food more than one bite in a row!

    I liked the pictures of Second Son in his diaper. So cute!

    And I like your new pictures of the kids on the side. My kids always come look: "Hey, we know them!"

  6. Thanks, H of B. I like the new pictures, too, though I'm hoping to get more at Easter. I need some new 8 x 10s for the frames Kansas Dad recently hung for me.


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