Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Small Success XXXVIII

I find myself with a few minutes this morning before we head out and thought I'd try to come up with three small successes.

1. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this mother-of-four business. For the first time in a long time, I realize I'm not feeling completely exhausted and stressed. Yesterday, Kansas Dad called me in the middle of the day to tell me he'd forgotten he needed to attend an academic event last night. Instead of going to confession all by my lonesome, as planned, I tackled dinner and bedtime with all four kids by myself. It turned out all right. (Don't worry, I'm going to go to confession tomorrow.)

2. I've picked all our books for next year (second grade, could it be true?). Now I just have to figure out how to get them all.

3. First Daughter, Second Daughter, Second Son and I spent an hour or so at a store yesterday. That's right. A store. First Son was playing basketball and I had a gift card to use. The kids were all fantastic. I picked some new cookie sheets (two have somehow gotten destroyed in the past year) and now I need to bake some cookies. Lucky for me, our spring concert is coming up and two dozen cookies are on the to-do list. I also printed out an intriguing homemade Oreo cookie recipe and promised First Son we'd try them. Think they sound good for Easter? Oh...I could color the cream with spring pastels!

Read more Small Successes at Faith and Family. May you have a blessed Easter!


  1. Sounds like you had a busy week. An hour in a store with three young kids qualifies as a huge success, I think. Sometimes just taking my girls to the store for 15 minutes is a fiasco and they're 5 and 9. Great job on getting your curriculum picked out already. We're heading down the homeschool path for next year and I'm still trying to decide what I want for each of the girls. Should be an adventure.

    I hope you and your family have a blessed Triduum and Easter!

  2. Congrats on gettting to the store with the kids. Now that mine are 10, 8 & 7 you would think it would be easier than at your kids ages but I found it much more easy when they were younger.

    Happy Easter!

  3. GREAT WEEK! I agree w/ Karen...three kids w/ you in the store is definitely a BIG success! I've had next year's school books picked out for several months now & while I have the money to purchase them, I've just been plain lazy!

    Pastels for the cream? Most definitely!

  4. On Saturday Dan kept all of the kids at home so I could go to confession by myself and I waited 45 minutes in line. Finally there was only 5 minutes left of official confession time and the person in front of me went in. I was just praying that she wouldn't use up all of the 5 minutes so I could get in there! I got in with 2 minutes to spare, whew.

    I think doing dinner and bedtime by yourself is a big success! As is spending an hour in a store with 3 kids. I've been taking Anthony and one girl to the grocery store and that works pretty well, as long as I don't stop for very long in one spot. If I have all of the kids, they get too squirrelly, so I would have to limit it to 20 minutes and move fast!

    I'm waiting until after the homeschool book sale to actually order books, though I am planning to stick with CHC. It's working well, so I have no desire to switch. If it ain't broke...

  5. Karen and Lynn, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the shopping was. I have a feeling it will be a lot harder when the girls are say...10 and 12!

    munchesmom and H of B, I'm also waiting on the used sales. It's not the money so much as it is that I think I've selected some out of print items that are going to be tougher to find at a reasonable price (in a reasonable condition). H of B, do you think I might be able to add a few things to your CHC order? Would it be worth it to save a little on shipping?

    Now I'm off to see if we have everything for those Oreo cookies!

  6. Oh, sure, I'd be happy to add some stuff on for you. I imagine I'll be ready to order from them in about a month or maybe a little less. I'll check with you before I order anything. I have to start getting orders somewhat ready this week so I can take advantage of the Adoremus discount. :)

  7. Thanks, H of B. I only need a few things from CHC, I think. I also went through everything and put in an order at Adoremus to take advantage of the coupon. I'm excited to have some books on the way!


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