Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Review: The Wheel on the School

The Wheel on the School
The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong

I had never read this book. Can you believe that? (Kansas Dad can; he'd never heard of it before.) I decided to read it in preparation for our studies next year. Mater Amabilis recommends reading a book set in Europe each term during second grade (level1A) for People and Places. This book was one of the suggestions. Once a week during the term, we'll study a map of the Netherlands for about five minutes, hoping to learn some of the geography. Then, we'll read this book together.

 Lina starts the whole thing. She starts wondering about storks and writes an essay for school...wondering why there are storks nesting in all the villages around Shora, but not in Shora. Suddenly, all the school children are wondering about storks. With the support of their teacher, they begin a quest to bring storks to Shora. In the course of their adventures (eventually nearly all the children face a surprising amount of danger), they bring the town together, forge new friendships and dramatically change lives.

If you managed to get through school yourself without reading this book, please do so now.

If you, like me, will be reading this book aloud with your children, I found this page that helps a bit on pronouncing the names.

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