Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homeschool Review: Maps, Charts and Graphs Level A: The Places Around Me

Maps, Charts and Graphs Level A: The Places Around Me

We use relatively few workbooks, but I selected this one as something First Son could complete independently during story hour at our local library, while the girls were working on letters and counting. He had a great interest in maps themselves so I thought this particular workbook might entice him a little.

I was right on one point: First Son adored this workbook. He asked every week if he could do extra pages, though I always said no. The 21 lessons are all in full color, each on two facing pages.

The lessons each took First Son only a few moments to complete, though they covered a surprising amount of material integral to reading and using maps like cardinal directions, map symbols and map keys. The instructions were limited and simple enough for First Son to read on his own. An answer key is included in the back for parents who may not be sure of the answers themselves. (First Son discovered the answer key near the end of the year. I may have to remove those in the future.)

Only a few of the lessons at the end dealt with charts or graphs. We cover those in math, so I was more interested in the mapping skills. One lesson assumes the student lives in the United States but most of them would be appropriate for any student of map skills (in English).

After the first few weeks, I did not ask First Son to do any workbook pages at our local story hour. He wanted to participate with all the other children. Since two other homeschooled first graders were doing the same, I decided to let him enjoy himself. I'm not quite sure how we're going to handle it next year. I'd very much like to use that time for some of our studies so we can be out and about at other times. I'm considering my options.

We enjoyed this workbook and I believe we'll complete Level B next year.

This review is my objective opinion. I purchased the book myself and will not receive anything if you follow the link to Adoremus.

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