Friday, May 13, 2011

My Small Successes XL

Well, hopefully Blogger won't delete this post again, though at least this one was still in my list of drafts. I lost my later one from Thursday completely. The lovely ladies at Faith and Family have asked Sherry at Chocolate for Your Brain to host Small Successes from now on. She also lost her post yesterday, but I'm going to link up today and hope others will as well.

1. I pulled all the coats and extra sweatshirts from the coat closet, washed them and put them away until it gets cold again. None too soon, since we hit 100 degrees earlier this week.

2. I also sorted through all the cold weather and outgrown clothes that were stacked precariously in and around our closet. I can now reach my clothes without sucking in my stomach, standing on tiptoe and squeezing in sideways.

3. I went shopping! Second Son came, but Kansas Dad was along to tote him around as he napped in his car seat. I bought a black skirt which I've been wanting for ages (any black skirt, not this one in particular). Hooray for sales and $10 off a $10 purchase coupons.

All of this accomplished, of course, before Second Son developed chicken pox. Since then my productivity has decreased substantially.

Head over to Chocolate for Your Brain to read more Small Successes.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. I hope you will like visiting in the coming Thursdays!

  2. Yea for all the sorting of clothes! Yea for great sales & coupons! But, sorry to hear about the chicken pox. Hope Second Son is feeling better!

  3. Great successes! Your #1 and #2 are similar to what I've been working on around here as well! Where do you store all your outgrown clothes?

  4. Sorry about the chicken pox! That rots. I understand about putting the winter stuff away and how that just requires mental will. Still need to find some of that myself. --Thanks for persisting with Small Success Thursday and hopefully, next week will be less dramatic blog wise.


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