Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Small Successes XLI

I'm a little late for Small Successes, but thought I'd try to jot down three things anyway.

1. Second Son is fully recovered from the chicken pox. It was not that bad. I think it's almost easier to deal with babies in this situation because he couldn't scratch. Still, I hope the vaccinations hold the others so they don't catch it. (Or should I say "catch them?")

2. We had our last faith formation class this week. It's a bit like a co-op with other homeschooling families in the area. I ended up with a little more responsibility than I had planned at the beginning of the year, but it all turned out well in the end. My kids are already looking forward to next year.

3. I went to my first homeschool used book sale. I bought a used copy of The King of the Golden City, which is great because I'm not sure I want to use it next year so I was debating a lot with myself about purchasing it. (I particularly like this copy because of the illustrations. First Son and First Daughter like everything better if it has illustrations.) I also found, thanks my good friend over at House of Brungardt, a used copy of the teacher's guide for Jesus Our Life. A new one including the changes for the mass comes out this summer. I really wanted to buy that one, but this is much better. I already had the old version of the student text. Now they'll match and I spent hardly any money. (I then promptly spent much more than that on a few orders last night. I do so love buying books. It's one of the benefits of homeschooling. Expensive, though.)

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  1. Yes. I too cannot resist books. I have stacks of half read, all read and not started yet and still, I want more books.

    Sounds like you had a great week. Thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday and I hope we see you again next Thursday!

  2. Do you think it's important for us to have the revised copy of the Faith and Life books for next year? We'll be using the 1st grade you think there will be many changes. I already bought the older version at a used sale.

  3. BlessedMom, I think you'll be fine. You can print out a list of the changes at the Ignatius website ( and just modify the lessons as necessary. In the second grade book, there are changes only in the last handful of chapters.

  4. Thanks...I was hoping there was a list of changes somewhere. I'll go to the website!!

  5. I, too, LOVE books! Even though I'm ready to finish up for this school year, I was so excited when next year's books arrived the other day. I never thought about the Mass changes in regard to the Faith & Life books. Thanks for letting us know! Glad to hear your son recovered.


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