Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Next Year's List

I've posted our tentative plans for second grade on the 2011-2012 resources page. I haven't bought much yet, so I'm still open to suggestions.


  1. We have either used or own quite a bit of what you have listed. Let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to answer. Oh, and we've subscribed to Living Faith- the kids liked it and I thought it was really good too. Not overly "beefy", but then again it's designed for kids to read and understand on their own. I've got lots of favorite resources for First Communion prep... remind me to tell you sometime. jamie

  2. ha- I just realized that I posted under Tori's blogger ID...sorry.

  3. Jamie, I was wondering who Katie was! We have had mixed success at best with Scripture. I've tried reading a bit from the daily readings and I've tried reading a little from Sunday's readings and First Son was not thrilled at all, and just wasn't getting anything out of it. I thought something colorful and more at his level might engage him more.

    I would definitely like to hear more about what you've done for First Communion prep!


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