Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Second Daughter Packs

Recently, Second Daughter has taken to preparing for every journey in the van. First she puts one of her babies in the "car seat" (a baby doll stroller). Then she hangs some bags or, more recently, the Easter buckets on the handles and fills them with stuff. Most of the time, the stuff she chooses seems completely random to me - parts of games, some of the pieces of a puzzle, one play ballet shoe, half of the corn...interesting things.

Yesterday, as we gathered everything and everyone together to make a trip to the doctor's office to confirm Second Son's chicken pox (nothing like paying a $25 copay to have a diagnosis we already knew confirmed), she packed one bucket of underwear (five or six pairs) and one bucket of pants (three pairs). She said she needed them in case she went to the bathroom in her diaper.

She was unconvinced when I said her buckets were unnecessary because I had packed a diaper bag with extra diapers and that we weren't going to be gone very long. So into the van they came, baby doll in "car seat" and all.


  1. You are so very patient.

    Is he old enough that the official dx will give you a pass on the vaccine?

  2. Monica, that's our hope. They'll do a blood draw at one year for the lead test and such and will do a titer then. If his antibodies are numerous enough, we'll skip the vaccine.


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