Friday, June 10, 2011

Celebrating Pentecost: Decisions, Decisions

Should we make Pentecost Sundaes or Holy Spirit Ice Cream Balls?

They both involve ice cream, which always makes feasts in June better. So hard to decide...I'm leaning toward the sundaes, only because we wouldn't have to buy very much to make them. I'd need sugar cubes and liquor for the flaming ice cream balls.

And ice cream. That stuff is too dangerous to keep in the house.


  1. I love the Holy Spirit Ice Cream Balls! And I actually have some sugar cubes (left over from building an Egyptian pyramid), ice cream, and extract (or a bottle of wine, but since I'm nursing I don't know that I can justify opening that up just for this). But I don't think I could make 12 balls--that would be *way* too much ice cream for us to eat in one sitting!

    Have fun with your sundaes!

  2. Hilary, I thought the sundaes were good, but the kids wouldn't put strawberry sauce on their ice cream (even though it was the sauce I made). So we pulled the chocolate sauce out for them. I also just used little red hots rather than the big ones.


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