Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Small Successes XLII

1. We made our first batches of strawberry jam! So far we have four pints of strawberry jam and seven pints of strawberry lemon marmalade. The harvest is later than last year, but hopefully we'll still have a good one. Last year's was great, but I was too tired to can as much as I had liked. I tried a new recipe for pickled watermelon rinds, too, just because we had them. Kansas Dad is outside picking strawberries today so hopefully we'll have some strawberry sauce soon! (We also had strawberry smoothies for breakfast. Yum!)

2. We ordered a Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board. So far I've managed at least 30 minutes of exercise on all but one day. (That's 12 of the last 13 days. I didn't exercise on my birthday, more because I was worried about getting four adults and four kids to Mass on time than because it was my birthday.) I haven't noticed a difference in tone, strength, size or weight yet, but these things take time, right? I have been sore, so something must be happening. At the very least, I haven't exercised this much since I was playing basketball in high school.

3. I bought something for myself just because. I've wanted a Kindle for a long time but have never wanted to spend the money on something I so obviously didn't need. I had just enough birthday money for one, though, and my parents were encouraging me to order it. After consulting with Kansas Dad, I did. It should arrive tomorrow. I'm posting it as a success because it's the first time in (probably) years I haven't spent my birthday money on something for the kids, something for the kitchen or something for our homeschool. Not that I don't like spending money on those things, but Kansas Dad thought I was due to buy something for me. Now I'll be downloading all those classics I haven't read that are available for free. (Recommendations welcome.)

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  1. Congrats on spending your birthday money on you :) Enjoy your Kindle!

  2. We have not gotten very many strawberries yet. None of them have actually made it into the house. :)

    Good for you for exercising! And a happy birthday, as well!

    You'll have to let me know how you like the Kindle.

  3. Awesome awesome week! Happy Birthday too! Plus I'm envious of your knowledge of the ways of making jam and canning --both mysteries to me. Thanks for being part of Small Success Thursday! Great work!

  4. Thanks, Lynn. I hope I will!

    Janet, we are getting a rather low harvest of berries this year. Kansas Dad thinks it might be a combination of the very cold winter and the dry spring. (We didn't go out and water them much until it got hot.) Oh, well. Next year I think we'll try to plant more strawberries and some other berries as well.

    Sherry, canning is really quite easy if you can find the couple of hours needed to do it. (Much of that time is spent waiting for water to boil.) I think it's fun.

  5. Yeah for treating YOU for a change!!! I'm proud of you! I do the same thing! My last two birthdays I bought a robotic vacuum cleaner for the downstairs and a GPS unit for the van!!

    When can we take our homeschooling field trip up to see you??? I think my kids would love the art of jam making!

  6. BlessedMom, you're welcome to come for a field trip anytime, but we could find more interesting things to do than canning! There's nothing I could show you that isn't in the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving. I love that book!

    Oh, and we did buy a new vacuum cleaner last week, but I informed Kansas Dad that it could not be my birthday present!


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