Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Small Successes XLIV

I seem to have developed a pattern of posting Small Successes every other week. I'm going to say it's because summer-time is buy around here, rather than I only manage to be successful every couple of weeks.

1. Yesterday, the three little ones and I went to the zoo in the blazing heat while First Son was at Totus Tuus. I had promised a fun trip because they would very much like to be at Totus Tuus but are too young. Of course, they chose the zoo when it's 100 degrees. But we went, had a great time exploring the Australia and South American exhibits (which are at their best in the summer and we hardly ever see them), and made it home without any sunburns.

2. Kansas Dad and I hosted the Totus Tuus team for dinner one night. We overestimated greatly how much they would eat, but I think everyone was well-fed, which is what matters most.

3. I started my liturgical year binder and it already makes me happy. I'm making notes in one place of all the great resources I have for feast days and sacrament preparation. Kansas Dad laughed at me a little last night, but he understands my love of organization. And binders. I love binders. Silly reason #41 to homeschool.

Second Daughter had a success, too. Yesterday, she went a complete day wearing underwear without a single accident! Hooray for Second Daughter and a whole day without carpet cleaning! (Shall we talk about what she wore to the zoo and our church potluck? She selected a stylin' VeggieTales Christmas t-shirt with a long ruffly yellow skirt. I was just glad she dressed herself so we could get out the door to drop off her brother. No one at the zoo said anything, but I did get a few comments at the church dinner.)

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  1. Great successes. Organization makes me giddy as well.

  2. What a good week :) Your Liturgical Year notebook is a great idea, I should really start one of my own - thanks for the idea!

  3. Impressive. Taking kids to the zoo is a big deal. I don't know what Totus Tuus is. But congrats on the daughter making it through the day. Wish I got a kick out of organization.

  4. Monica, I knew you'd understand. ;-)

    Kate, I decided last night I'm also going to add our birthdays and anniversaries to it.

    Sherry, Totus Tuus is a week-long Catholic summer catechetical program. It's offered is about 30 dioceses throughout the US and Canada and really should be everywhere because it's fantastic. We have a day program for the 1st through 5th graders and an evening program for 6th through 12th. They sing songs, read Bible stories, play games and have all sorts of fun. I think some places have overnight camps as well. This year they're learning about salvation history and the sorrowful mysteries.

  5. Oh, I've been wanting to do a version of #3! I've been thinking about setting something up on the computer, except I also want to add important dates and books/activities to go with, like Fourth of July, for example. Of course, a binder you can hold in your hand would be nice, too.


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