Monday, June 27, 2011

Our First Grade Memory Verses

I love helping First Son and First Daughter to memorize parts of the Bible. It seems like such a blessing to have a mind

I mentioned before, we started using the memory verse system at Simply Charlotte Mason this year and it's working very well for us. I wrote up the verses we memorized last year and slipped them in on the odd/even days and into the days of the week. I skip Saturday and Sunday because I always forgot to read them. One day I'd like to make our memory verses and memory work a part of breakfast, but I have other more pressing habits to develop for the moment.

Everything works swimmingly as long as I remember to keep the box where Second Daughter can't reach it. She likes to rearrange the cards. In fact, between her rearranging and a couple of drops, I started numbering the cards so it would be a little easier to replace them properly.

Sometimes it's difficult to know which verses will be most appropriate for the young ones. I'm not sure I've selected the best ten or twelve verses for first graders, but they did seem to work well for us. I copied all our verses from the NRSV.
  • Matt 18: 20
  • Psalm 139: 13-14
  • Matt 22: 37-38
  • Rom 8: 28
  • John 3: 5
  • John 20: 22b-23
  • John 6: 35
  • Tobit 4: 16
  • 1 Peter 4: 8
  • Psalm 33: 22
  • Genesis 1: 1-2
Before the year started, I selected a large number of verses I thought would be appropriate or that I particularly liked. I copied a great many onto index cards (though not all of them, once I realized how many I had selected) and stored them at the back of our box. When First Son has memorized a verse, I simple select a new one from the back of the box. Eventually I want to be sure we've memorized at least one verse from each book of the Bible, but we have plenty of time for that.

My plan was to continue reading our memory verses through the summer, but we've been a bit lazy. Hopefully posting about it will renew my dedication.


  1. I typically use a verse from the responsorial psalm for our verse. Or possibly from another reading (like this week from John for Corpus Christi). We get a new verse weekly. I write it on a paper that coordinates with the liturgical color (green, white, purple) and hang it in a magnetic sleeve on our fridge. We say it together each day after our morning prayers, and (sometimes) several times throughout the day as well as I remember. It's a good place for it as we're in the kitchen a lot. I know it's not incredibly diverse, but it's hard to go wrong with the psalms and some of the gospels sprinkled in.

  2. Monica, I think most of the time we needed more than a week to memorize the verse, though we only say it once a day. I like the idea of incorporating readings from Mass, though. We're going to try a little magazine with selections from the Mass and questions for thought this coming year. Hopefully it'll work well for us.

  3. Yeah, Gemma doesn't always get them completely memorized, but usually does well enough that she can fill in the blanks as I go, so that works for me. I figure as long as we're saying Scripture at various times throughout the day we're doing well. I'll focus more on memory as she gets older too I'm sure.


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