Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sad Strawberries

Our strawberry harvest was very sad this year. Last year it was wonderful. This year, we've made one batch of strawberry jam, a double batch of lemon strawberry marmalade and one batch of strawberry sauce. I think we may be done.

Kansas Dad thinks the June-bearing strawberries were hit rather hard by the bitterly cold winter and the drought-like spring.

Our apple tree gave a huge batch of apples last year, most of which went to the chickens because they had the audacity to be ready to be picked the week Second Son was born while we were a bit busy. This year, it didn't even blossom!

I was too tired and pregnant last year to really enjoy canning. This year I'm ready and there seems little available to can. Anyone around Kansas have luck with strawberries? Or anything else? I have an awful lot of pectin and jars I'd like to use!


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