Friday, July 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Vol. 2

1. The Cosby Show is one of the best shows. Kansas Dad and I have been enjoying it much more than we remember when we were children. Not only is it much funnier now that we're parents, but I can appreciate how much of the writing created a show perfect for the entire family to watch together and discuss. We're up to the third season. It's available to stream on Netflix.

2. Can anyone tell me the chigger's place in the ecosystem? I'm having trouble imagining them doing any good whatsoever. I'm starting to think they're a result of the Fall.

3. I have been exercising consistently every day for over seven weeks and am just starting to think I sees some results. Sadly, I have sprained or strained a muscle in my abdomen and now have to take a few days off. I'm afraid it's going to destroy all my momentum. It also ruined part of my plans for today as I was going to take the kids to a museum, but I'm not anxious to be walking around that much. (It hurts to stand straight or lay down straight -- much better to be sitting or curled.) I'm very thankful for my doctor's office's walk-in clinic that let me visit a PA who assured me it wasn't appendicitis. (We didn't really think it was, but it's nice to hear it from someone "official.")

4. Yesterday I was in the middle of mixing a batch of muffins using a new recipe when I opened the refrigerator and discovered we had NO eggs. For a few seconds, I wondered what I would do. Then I remembered, we have chickens! I sent First Son out to collect one for me, but he couldn't find them. So the girls and I trooped out as well (while Second Son napped) and I dug five out from under a hen who was resting in the nesting box. We went in to finish the muffins. It was a good country moment.

5. Speaking of muffins, I have made three batches this week and a number of loaves of bread. We've been busy with all the great summer offerings in our local community and with our friends. My house is reasonably clean and (as I mentioned above) I've been exercising regularly for the first time in years. All of that is good and yet I still find myself thinking in the evenings of all I (and we) haven't been doing during the day. I feel like I'm always asking myself if I have my priorities in order. Am I accomplishing what I should be each day? Should I be doing more? Or something differently? Perhaps my list of things I'd like to do is too ambitious? I have grand plans to finish our alphabet (Alphabet Art) and do some experiments (Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method). I want to pre-read all our read-aloud and reading lesson books for next year. I want to read some grown-up books about next year's topics as well to prepare myself. I want to finish my liturgical year binder. I'd like to be cross-stitching, working on Second Son's baby album, organizing pictures from the last year (none of which are in albums). And so on. Logically, I think I'm in a good place for a wife and mother of four young ones, but it's hard to convince my emotions of that. There are just so many good things to do each day and my time is no longer entirely my own. (It hasn't been for many years, but since I was pregnant with Second Son I struggled so much just to get the bare minimum done I haven't had time to think about how my time is not my own.)

6. My "new" laptop is up and running again. It's about three years old, I think, but that's two or three years younger than the desktop I was using. I'm still getting used to it and still haven't pulled pictures from the camera, but it's nice to have my own computer again. It's surprisingly hard to go back to a Mac after (dare I admit it?) more than a decade away but Kansas Dad keeps telling me I won't regret it. Another task on the to-do list: figure out how to get the desktop out into the living room where First Son and First Daughter can use it but Second Daughter and Second Son cannot destroy it. And figure out if we need a parental protection program. They won't be searching for anything but still...

7. Our summer reading program ended yesterday with a pizza party and a run through the librarian's sprinklers. The three older ones all received prizes (for showing up yesterday): a book each. I love our summer reading program! You should all have one as wonderful. I'm glad it's over, though, and we have Mondays and Thursdays to ourselves...for a week before swimming lessons start. I think our summer is turning out to be as busy or busier than our school year. Just without the lesson planning.

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  1. Summer is always at least as busy as school year it seems...the focus is just a little different. :)

    Our school did a required reading program this year..complete with homework due the first day of school. I was thrilled...some oarents, not so much. But my kids love to read so it was a WIN from our vantage point.

    Muffins sound yummy!

  2. I agree, the summer is just as busy as the schoolyear. I always think I am going to have all this time to get my little projects done. Ha!

    We love our library reading program, too. They have Critter Camp once a week, among other things, and the prizes for reading are now books, hooray. Even Anthony gets free books if I read to him.


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