Friday, August 5, 2011

Celebrating a Baptism Anniversary

Earlier this week, we celebrated the anniversary of Second Son's baptism. As last year, it was brutally hot. Luckily, we were inside our own house instead of a church that had been without air conditioning all day.

Second Son's godparents live close enough to come for dinner so we enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends, followed by a little Scripture and a blessing for Second Son. He thought his baptismal candle was one of the best things he'd ever seen.

Second Son and his godmother. He's enjoying his cookie.
I'm not certain where I first read about celebrating baptism anniversaries, but an online search recently found lots of other Catholic families doing the same. We've tended to have a small celebration as most of our baptisms closely follow the birthday. I think I might start inviting the child to select a fancy dinner to avoid making an elaborate dessert (not to mention the birthday cakes we've just finished off). Of course, Second Daughter would probably choose something mundane like hot dogs. I like the idea of offering a little prayer for the upcoming year as we each bless the child, too. Some other people online suggested attending daily mass and planning a mass intention for the child, which are also great ideas.

I almost didn't have a gift for Second Son this year. I thought he probably wouldn't mind too much, being only 1, but then I found a great deal on a book I've wanted for a while and it happened to arrive just a few hours before his dinner: Max and Benedict.

Happy baptism anniversary, Second Son! Many blessings in the coming year!


  1. Great post! We celebrated Gemma's for the first time this year with a lighting of her candle, a prayer, and a small gift (A is for Altar, B is for Bible). It was very memorable for her and I look forward to making more of a tradition of it in coming years, maybe doing something with godparents or something. It is tough being so closely on the heels of birthdays (and Christmas in our case).

    At any rate, a blessed blessed day!

  2. Monica, I know what you mean. First Son's birthday is 12/11, his baptism was 12/21 and then Christmas and Epiphany (not to mention St. Nick's feast day on 12/6). It's a lot of gift-giving. That's one of the reasons the baptism anniversary and Epiphany gifts are very little around here.


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