Thursday, October 13, 2011


I think Second Son may be becoming nocturnal.

I suppose it's preferable to what we went through with First Daughter at this age. She used to wake from 1 am to 3 am pretty much every night, but whereas Second Son just doesn't want to sleep, she used to scream for two hours.

He only screams if we put him back in his crib...but he won't sleep with us and he's not really safe anywhere else and I'm so tired...

So tired...


  1. Does he like cheese? Try giving him a piece or two before bed...and call me in the morning. ;)


    Seriously, though, try it and see what happens...

  2. I can certainly sympathize with the tired feeling! Anthony still has not ever slept all night, except the one night when he was a few months old. I keep thinking that if I could just get rested enough, that I would try to get him to sleep in his bed all night, but usually I'm just too tired and I bring him into our bed. Sometimes even then, he is wakeful and keeps us awake by his turning over and over and over.

    Could Second Son be teething? Or doing some new skill?

  3. Brandy, I may try cheese. He does like it but I tend to give it at lunch and not at dinner.

    H of B, I do think he may have been teething. He had a tooth come in today so hopefully it'll be better now.

  4. It may sound weird, but I had to feed my children something protein-packed right before bed for *years* in order to keep them sleeping through the night. I have no idea why.

    In fact three of my four children are eating plain yogurt as I type!

    Good night! :)


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