Monday, October 3, 2011

What I Loved About Last Week (3rd Ed.)

Illnesses (kids and mine) kept me from posting anything much last week, but I was determined to get a few pictures up for Monday. Here are a few things I loved about the last week.

1. Kid's Eye Views - While going through the pictures on my camera, I found a few from our trip to Medicine Lodge. I had let the kids take turns with my camera while we waited for the parade to begin. There were about ten pictures of the road.

2. Second Daughter's paten - In Atrium, the children can use tracing paper to trace alter items. Second Daughter doesn't quite understand how it works. She always just colors in the item with markers and then cuts it out. This past week, she also cut it up and glued it onto another piece of paper as a "puzzle." I should take a picture of that because it's adorable.

3. Missing Teeth - First Son lost his sixth tooth last week. He's always so excited. Of course, he doesn't understand that only two more little baby teeth stand between him and orthodontics. Sigh. But he's still cute. (By the way, he's wearing some deer antlers he made while we were learning about how Native American hunting techniques, found in More Than Moccasins. This is the project First Son selected for our unit craft.)

4. Outdoor projects, especially those overseen and documented by Dad. First Son is learning about rivers this year, so he and First Daughter built a mountain then doused it with water to see how the water would change the shape of their mountain.

5. Second Daughter as Doctor to Elmo (sometimes called Baby Felicity)

6. My kids are currently 7, 5, 3, and 1. I just like that. It will only last for a few months before First Son turns...8!! Can it be? 7.

7. Dinner with Grammy and a visit to our children's museum on a members only night to see a new traveling exhibit that included a squid dissection.

8. Second Son waking on Saturday morning and not crying. I could hear him jabbering away to himself in his crib.

9. First Daughter's baptism anniversary - The more we celebrate these, the more I love celebrating them. The birthday celebrations are full of planning, food, friends and craziness. The baptism celebrations are quiet but the kids still look forward to them. They love lighting the candle. Their faces are just as flushed with pleasure when we pray for them as when they are hearing a roomful of friends sing "Happy Birthday." I am also finding I like the little gifts we give. They are (so far) quiet inexpensive, but I feel like they are growing our faith. First Daughter received one of Brother C.S.C Ernest's books newly republished by Mary's Books, A Story of Saint Therese. I think she'll be able to read it herself before too long, with help. St. Therese's feast day is First Daughter's baptism anniversary. She's also a favorite saint here on the Range.

10.  Lion sandwiches to celebrate the feast of St. Jerome, after reading St. Jerome and the Lion.

11. Watching soccer games - First Son has improved tremendously. First Daughter made two goals.

What did you love about last week?

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