Monday, October 17, 2011

What I Loved About Last Week (5th Ed.)

1. Kansas Dad and I spent the weekend away from home and the kids. My mother and mother-in-law held down the fort, fed the kids and ferried First Daughter to and from her soccer game.

2. For the first time this year, First Son's weather graph for math showed more cool days than warm ones.

3. Kansas Dad and I had two nights without feeding anyone else, making a meal or washing any dishes.

4. My new dryer chirps when the cycle is finished. It makes me foolishly happy.

5. For two days, Kansas Dad and I didn't have to hear anyone say, "What else is there to eat?"

6. Our Fly Trap experiment failed to attract any fruit flies. I know I should be disappointed that the kids have missed out on an exciting observation opportunity, but I'm just happy to learn my kitchen does not harbor a fruit fly population.

7. Did I mention Kansas Dad and I had a lovely weekend all to ourselves full of good food, a museum of art and a luxurious hotel?


  1. Your weekend away sounds positively glorious. I love how you (subconsciously) worked it into almost every number!!

  2. A weekend away sounds really awesome! How did Second Son do with sleeping while you were gone?

  3. It was a wonderful weekend! It was just so nice to not have anyone to think of but us and nowhere to be but together. We did manage to see a terrible artsy movie and be in the middle of a flash mob by women in their 50s dancing to techno music. Those parts are funny now but weren't so fun at the time.

    Second Son slept wonderfully while we were gone. For the moment I'm chalking it up to teething. He had a sixth one break through today so hopefully we're through the worst of it for a while.

  4. Just now reading this post and I'll also say that it is so good that you guys got to spend some time together! Sounds like it was really great!


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