Monday, October 31, 2011

What I Loved About Last Week (7th Ed.)

1. Our caterpillars arrived on Monday! We have five and they were all alive when we opened the box. Within a few days, they all starting making crysalids. By Sunday evening they were ready to move to the butterfly garden. Now we just have to wait for them to hatch. It's too bad they'll have to live their whole lives in our house; it's too cold to let them go outside, but we're starting to study butterflies on Tuesday so the timing was good for our curriculum.

2. Tuesday was our last day of soccer practice! On Saturday, we had three games, Second Daughter's last ones until next spring. First Son still has one more next weekend. It's been fun and great for the kids, but I'm glad we're nearing the end.

3. Our goddaughter was born! We met her on Sunday and her sweet parents let me hold her even though she was sleeping in her car seat.

4. Wonderful news from a friend that she's having her first baby!

5. Second Son playing the piano - He loves it! Notice the big bump in the middle of his forehead? That's from him trying to climb down from the piano bench and hitting the futon. It looks worse than it felt, I think. Also notice he's in disposable diapers? I washed his cloth ones and haven't even had time to stuff them! (Well, that, and we had half a package of size three diapers that were really too small for overnight and all the babies I know are bigger or much much smaller.)

6. We celebrated Halloween at story hour this week. All the kids dressed up in their costumes and were able to climb on the table (always a treat) to tell who they were. I dressed Second Son in his lion costume. I was surprised how well he wore it, but I think he scared himself when I put him in front of the mirror.

7. Spending Thursday afternoon at home. We've been running around, going on lots of field trips and visits, so it was nice to spend some time at home. I drank a whole pot of tea and read two short stories while the kids cleaned the living room. (Note I did not finish stuffing those cloth diapers.)

8. On Saturday, Kansas Dad and I each took a turn playing Wii Fit using the balance board. Because I was feeling magnanimous, I let the kids all play a game or two as well. When the Wii and TV were turned off, I found Second Son standing on the Wii balance board slapping his hands just like us. It was so adorable! I would have taken a picture, but he's squarely in the too-fast-for-you phase. Exhibit A:

Fuzzy adorable toddler
9. Second Son toddling to Kansas Dad while he taught the Sunday School class and asking to be picked up. Kansas Dad scooped him up and taught the rest of the class holding him. I love how cute Second Son was. I love how handsome my awesome husband looked. I love how the class just laughed and continued on as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

10. A birthday party today full of building and dirt. I missed most of it because I didn't want to wake Second Son who had cried all through lunch and then fallen asleep in the van. So I sat with him, reading my Kindle, until he woke up -- one and a half hours later! The other kids had a great time at the party and I was lucky enough to see most of the families again later in the day.

11. Last, but not least, our parish hosted an All Saint's Trunk or Treat today. It was wonderful! There was a great turn-out, both of kids dressed as saints (babies through high schoolers) and families with decorated trunks handing out candy. There were games, cookies, coloring pages. Really, it was fun and gave us many more reasons to be thankful for our parish family. My kids dressed at St. George, St. Elizabeth of Hungry (notice her basket of bread), St. Bernadette and St. Juan Diego.

Juan Diego did not want to stay still for a picture, so these are the best I have. Thanks to fabulous family members, I spent $0 on our costumes!

My, it was a full week here on the Range! What did you love last week?


  1. Your Thursday sounds positively cozy. I really like hot tea once the weather cools off as well. What do you drink? We've been on a chamomile spearmint kick of late...

  2. Monica, I tend to pick flavored black teas. I like loose tea, too, but will use bags if I must. No one else here drinks it, but I don't mind making it just for myself.

  3. Insect Lore caterpillars! I just have to tell you that those are grown in a lab in the town I grew up in! It is still quite close, and when we get new ones for our own butterfly garden, we go and pick them up in person. I hope you enjoy them! :)

  4. Brandy, that's cool! I wish someone grew butterflies in a lab around here. Hmmm, maybe they do. I've never heard of it, though.

    I'm hoping we can get some more in the spring that we'll be able to release into the garden. We've been hoping to start a real butterfly garden but have never had time.


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