Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's Advent Planning Time!

I hate to think past a major holiday like Thanksgiving, but it just must be done. I have our Advent requests in at the library. There are over 50 books and CDs on my list. I noticed a few we won't get in time as there's already a waiting list, so I picked extras to make sure we could unwrap and read a picture-book-a-day. I was hoping to finalize my list so I could write lovely posts about them in time for you all to run out and find your own copies...but I don't think I'll be that productive. I will try to post our final list...once I've figured it out.

It's also time to start thinking about ornaments. We'll be starting ours the first week of Advent, so I really must decide what we're making this year. Do I finally dare the salt-dough-baked ones? Second Son just might let me get away with it this year...

I have a new Advent wreath this year! I'm very pleased with it! (It's this one, though I bought ours at a local Catholic book store.) I'd like to get a big white candle to put in the middle of it for the Christmas season.

For the first time, we're going to read through The Life of Mary and The Way to Bethlehem by Inos Biffi and illustrated by Franco Vignazia. This are beautiful books that will hopefully inspire lofty thoughts in my little ones. We're also going to try reading through Proclaim The Wondrous Birth - Daily Prayers for Advent.

The real question is...will we have a Jesse Tree this year? Every year I say no, then we do at the last minute because the idea of a Jesse Tree is so wonderful...but my children have never liked it. Hope springs eternal, though, and they are one year older...

First Son will have his first confession this Advent. That's certainly something worth celebrating! His birthday and baptism anniversary also fall within Advent.

First Son and First Daughter will see The Nutcracker for the first time this year. I think First Daughter is mostly excited about wearing her princess dress again.

Did I mention Kansas Dad also has a birthday during Advent?

Oh, my, we'll be busy!


  1. The salt dough ones we did last year turned out really good. I was very pleased.

    I think we will try to do a book a day, but I don't think I'll wrap them this year. I already have a handful from the library (I wanted to get my requests in early) and our home library is growing quite nicely. I'll probably try to pick up a few more though.

  2. Thanks for linking, Monica. I missed that post last year because it was during the Great Illness (ugh). Very sweet Gemma!

    I have that book and was considering the recipe. I'll have to spend some time next week considering our options.

    I think a picture book a day without wrapping would still be fun. If I don't get working on them we may end up doing that this year.

  3. Yeah, I liked the recipe in that book, it just definitely needed some modifications. We're skipping ornaments this year, I have another fun little gift project in mind this year I'm excited about...

    I revisited your list from last year and requested a few more books from the library. It's a balance requesting them too early and having to get them back, or waiting until later and risking them being checked out. ACK. I love how many you can find for $4 shipped on Amazon, used but typically in very good condition. Oh, that is the best discovery I have ever made.

    And by the way, regarding the white candle, I got a nice thick circular white unscented candle at Hobby Lobby last year, and a pretty class jar for it to sit in from BedBath, and that worked splendidly on the inside of our advent wreath. Looking forward to using it again this year.


  4. Good idea - I'm planning a trip to Hobby Lobby for later this week so I'll have to add candle to the list. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for the reminder to get myself in gear for Advent!


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