Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Book Report

The One Thing by Matthew Kelly (a review for The Catholic Company)

Science Fiction: Stories and Contexts ed. by Heather Masri is the main reason I haven't been finishing as many books as usual recently. It is over 1200 pages long. I read all of the short stories in it, skipping the critical context essays and the excerpts from longer stories. I intend to join Kansas Dad as he's co-teaching a course using this book next semester, so now I'm a little ahead on the reading. I enjoyed a great many of the stories but was particularly fascinated by one of the most disturbing stories I've ever read, Octavia Butler's Bloodchild. (Kansas Dad's desk copy)

Patron Saints by Thomas J. Craughwell (a review for The Catholic Company)

My monthly book reports are really becoming a bit embarrassing. I did, however, finish three books on November 30th. I'll be posting about them early in December and will include them in December's book report. (I'm in the middle of four or five books in addition to those three, which perhaps partly explains why I'm not finishing many books. One of my Advent goals is to decrease that pile a little, as unworthy as that may be as a goal.)


  1. I've got so many books started, it's really kind of silly. But you know, sometimes you are in the mood for a certain type of book and so you start another one!

  2. I also often find myself with a few minutes to read and just grab whatever is closest, even if there are five other books I've already started.


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