Monday, November 14, 2011

What I Loved About Last Week (9th Ed.)

1. Second Daughter's rendition of America, the Beautiful in which she sings, "God shed his light on me!"

2. First Daughter's drawing from Sunday School - this wonderful drawing of herself with the words "I am a child of God."

3. Second Son has started making some sounds! He will neigh and baa. He also might have said "cheese," "drink," and "yes." But I'm going to pretend he hasn't because I'm still waiting to hear "Mama."

4. First Daughter's reading. She impressed me this week by reading a word my finger was covering, having glanced at it long enough to see and remember it. She is apparently reading much better than her performance in lessons would indicate. She wiggles, giggles and stares into space, but she is learning to read. We're still using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading but I'm breaking up the lessons because she drags them out much too long. Ten or fifteen minutes is really my limit.

5. Butterflies! All of our pupae hatched beautiful painted lady butterflies. We're feeding them sugar syrup and I'm wishing we'd done our butterfly unit earlier in the year so we could release them. Maybe we'll order some more caterpillars in the spring.

6. Our last choir practice of the term followed by the concert. The children did a wonderful job, except for Second Daughter who stood at center stage and entertained the crowd. At one point she turned completely around and faced the rest of the choir for a whole song. At another time she was twisting back and forth, twirling her skirt, attracting the attention of the little girl next to her who promptly began doing the same. She also left the stage and returned on her own whims a few times. Sigh. The other parents were very kind.

7. A baptism! Our sweet little goddaughter was baptized this weekend. It was a wonderful ceremony. Our priest invited all the other children close and gave the oils and candles and books to them to hold so they all felt like a part of the ceremony. It is such a blessing to have godparents and godchildren in our very own parish; we are truly becoming one family in Christ.

What did you love about last week?

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  1. Second Daughter was cracking me up during the concert! Twirling her dress, then remembering to sing a few words, all in sweet innocence. It's all part of the fun of the little kids' choir! Doesn't bother us at all. :)

    Wow, First Son is really getting tall! I noticed at the concert how much taller he is than all the other kids.

    Nice pic of you with the baby!


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