Friday, December 2, 2011

Love Is...In the Marshmallows

Love is driving back to the store after dinner to buy unflavored gelatin so Mama can make peppermint marshmallows (a recipe that has been beckoning her elusively for over a year) to enjoy with our Advent activity tomorrow morning -- homemade hot chocolate.


  1. Mmm. The marshmallows sound good. I might have to try those. Do you know how much gelatin that measures out to be? I don't have a scale and I only have unflavored gelatin in bulk form.

  2. They are good! I think I'd like them even more with a little less peppermint extract. (I spilled a little extra.)

    I measured the packet I had left: 1/4 oz is 2 teaspoons, so you'd need 6 teaspoons for the recipe.

    Just a tip...Kansas Dad cleaned up for me this morning and highly recommends washing the mixer right away. I had forgotten I got a little one it and it took him quite a while to clean it off again. Even more love!


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