Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Make Your Own Lego Army (of Crayons)

Behold, the oncoming army of Lego minifigure crayons!

I made these fun crayons using a Lego minifigure ice cube mold I originally found on Amazon, but actually ordered directly from Lego. I found it strangely addictive to mix the wax in different colors.

They were very easy, if a little time consuming.

1. Separate your old broken crayons by color. They shouldn't be identical, but you want general schemes. Otherwise, everything will be brown.

2. Peel the crayons. My kids were only slightly helpful here. Mostly I did it and broke my poor useless nails doing so.

3. Use your  awesome kitchen scale to add 45 grams of crayon to a microwave safe measuring cup. This is about 1 5/8 ounces.

4. Melt the wax in the microwave. I found it took between 5 and 7 minutes, depending on how often I stirred it. My need to estimate here probably also has something to do with the fact that the only button that works reliably on my microwave is the 3.

5. Pour carefully into the mold.

6. Let it sit for a few minutes to harden a bit, then transfer to the freezer for about ten minutes.

7. Pop out to the astonished and excited eyes of your children.

We handed these out in the goody bags for First Son's birthday party. If you're near me in real life and want to host your own Lego party, I'll gladly lend you the mold. Then you, too, can make Lego minifigure crayons for the cost of running your microwave and peeling some crayons.


  1. Very cool. Don't know that I'll need legos anytime soon, but I've seen several cool "upcycling" projects for crayons. Do you know if it works with washable crayons, that's mainly what we have around here.

  2. Monica, I used a mixture of washable and regular crayons, as I couldn't always tell which were which and they all seemed to work fine.


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