Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Range Kids Meet Ballet

Today, Grammy treated me, First Daughter and First Son to The Nutcracker. I think I was in fourth grade the last time I saw a ballet (and it was The Nutcracker). The kids had seen it on video (an actual recording of the ballet) and read a book or two about it but seeing it live is very different.

First Daughter was remarkably engaged during the performance. She's only five but her attention rarely wandered. First Son, on the other hand, was ready to leave at intermission. (Really, and was upset when we said we had to stay.)

To top it off, just as the professional New York ballerina was performing brilliantly as the Sugar Plum Fairy, First Son turned joyously to me and whispered loudly in my ear, "This is the music from the Ford commercial!"

I kid you not.

I will say this; he was quiet, he was attentive and he did not complain (much). But I think First Son would be content if he didn't see another ballet for a decade.

After the performance, we were lucky enough to go backstage with the mother of two of the principles (is that right?) who graciously and beautifully posed with First Daughter for a picture. (Grammy has connections.)

On the way home First Daughter said she wanted to be in the ballet someday. Sigh. At least somebody appreciated a bit of culture today.


  1. First daughter looks so sweet! Maybe you'll have to make it an annual girls' tradition! :)

  2. H of B, that's the plan! It was, in fact, always the plan, but when we first talked about it last year he said he wanted to go, too. So we took him and now he can say he's been there and done that. Next year, ladies only! (And Second Daughter will come along when she's five.)

    Maybe you and your girls could join us!


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