Monday, December 5, 2011

What I Loved About Last Week (12 Ed.)

1. This week I pulled out an old exercise tape. This is one I originally used back in 2001 and have used off and on in all the years since. I never remember it being easy. Well, this week it was easy! Despite knowing the entire tape by heart, I was shocked when it ended. I guess all that time with the Wii Fit has been doing some good after all. (Not having lost significant weight or inches, I must take my successes where I find them.)

2. We met some good friends for a playdate at the zoo this week. It's been a while since we were there and it was very fun to see Second Son enjoying himself.

He doesn't have mittens! Maybe he'll get some for Christmas.

A very pretty picture of First Daughter

First Son pausing for a picture

Second Daughter in her furry coat

3. Peppermint marshmallows. Enough said.

4. A Small Miracle by Peter Collington. We read it this week and Oh! How I love it!

5. I love how much children love Advent. They are excited each day for our picture book, for the new magnet for our fridge Nativity, to light the candle on the Advent wreath at dinner, to prepare for the feast days. Second Daughter doesn't remember last Advent (being only two at the time) and the older two love to tell her exactly what to expect.

6. Etsy - I ordered something for the first time ever from Etsy. It was easy, the site was beautiful and I found the perfect gift.

7. Video of Second Son. I think this video is from May 2011, so he's about ten months old. I found it while going through my pictures.

8. Video of Second Son last week. We're not entirely sure what he's doing here, but we think he's shooting "guns." First Son has been playing "Hero Factory" which involves saving the world from bad guys who shoot some sort of weapon. Second Son wants to play along.

9. Dishwashers that work. Kansas Dad washed all the filters on our water softener. It took a while, but the cleansing finally worked its way to the dishwasher.

Take a deep breath. Next week we have St. Nicholas's Feast Day, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, First Son's birthday party, First Son's First Reconciliation, and First Son's actual birthday. Somewhere in all that we're going to have some lessons, too. I make no promises to post What I Love About Last Week on time next week, but I do promise there will be much to love!

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  1. Can all that fit in one week? This week is actually slower for us, except for the feast days. Good thing, because the blower on the heater in the van is out and I can't go anywhere until Dan gets it fixed. No defroster/defogger is not good in this weather!

    I love the videos of Second Son. Isn't it amazing how quickly little boys learn to pretend things are guns? Anthony would be whacking everyone with those.


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