Monday, January 23, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (17th Ed.)

1. Second Son has always loved the dog. He's recently started trying to lead the dog around. For those who don't know Moses is real life, he weighs over 60 pounds and is nearly taller than Second Son. It's hilarious to watch the baby grab a hold of the collar and pull with all his might while the dog ignores him. Then the dog sees something interesting and wanders off, dragging Second Son behind, laughing hysterically.

2. Second Son is saying a new word or two each day. He is obviously saying "Jesus" and "Amen." He doesn't say "mama" very often, but he can. I've also heard him say "mo-om" like all those other kids.

3. Second Son yelling "Hooray!" or an approximation thereof along to When You're Happy and You Know It (his current favorite song).

4. Second Son has learned that taking off his pants is funny. I'll give you three guesses for the three people who initially taught him this was funny and then encourage him to do so on a regular basis. (Not that you need a hint, but they're the same three people who taught him it is funny to run away from any grown-up who indicates it's time for a diaper change.)

5. My new closet! The coat closet suffered disaster last week when a whole set of hooks came tumbling down. At one point, we had coats, hats and mittens for four kids piled waist high (my waist) in the closet. Kansas Dad and I went to a store and bought some shelves, rods and baskets. Then, he spent Monday night installing it. Now the coats hang, the baskets contain the hats and mittens and I'm breathing a little easier. Along the same lines, the knob fell off in our shower. Kansas Dad and I spent a few days turning the hot water on and off with pliers, but he bought all the stuff to fix it when we bought the shelves and then fixed it right away.

6. Being able to help a friend. It's nice to be able to set aside some lessons and run over to a friend's house when she needs a little help.

7. "The British Are Coming!" This cry has been ringing out in our house at random times as we begin our study of the Revolutionary War. First Daughter keeps asking what team we want to win. (Seriously, she asks almost every day. I'm not entirely sure how to answer.)

8. Our own room! Second Son moved into the kids' room this weekend. Kansas Dad spent an afternoon taking the crib apart and reassembling it. Now we just need to finish moving all the shelves, filing cabinet and, well, everything but the bed, out of the office so the girls can move in there. They are excited. Maybe that will be the news for next week! (Though I think Kansas Dad is going to have to address the washing machine, which is making a mysteries clanking noise as the drum rotates.)


  1. Organization always excites me...giddily even. I am vicariously happy for all your organizational moments of the week.

    Good luck with the washer. That is one appliance I can't imagine living more than about a day without, if that.

  2. Luckily, the washing machine is still working. Just clanking when it's spinning.

    I love organization, too, but the chaos in the midst of organization stresses me out a little. Hopefully we'll find a place for everything soon.

  3. Sounds like you guys rarely have a dull moment!!

  4. Jill, I am never bored anymore!

    Now Second Son is trying to climb the ladder to the top bunk. Oh dear! I remember when Second Daughter went through a phase when she climbed onto the top of the piano twenty times a day. I'm not very excited about that phase...

  5. Sometimes I wish for a little boredom! We are in the midst of some organizing too, so our four oldest are sleeping in one room right now. It makes for some "interesting" nights!

    First Daughter's question cracks me up. :)


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