Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (18 Ed.)

1. I went to a college class! Kansas Dad is team teaching a class on Science Fiction and Theology at his university and, through the generosity and goodness of my mother-in-law, I am attending as well. I'm not actually enrolled in the class, so I don't have to write any papers (I'm a little afraid I won't even be able to keep up with the reading), but I can go and participate in the class discussions. I had a great time last week. I'm sure the real college students thought I talked too much, though Kansas Dad thinks they probably didn't think about me one way or the other. In case you hadn't noticed, I read a lot, but I rarely get to sit in a room with a bunch of other people who read the same thing and want to discuss it.

2. First Son and First Daughter developed an elaborate plot involving some Ninjago warriors, the Hero Factory Witch Doctor, Buzz Lightyear and Cindarella. I couldn't follow it myself, but there was definitely a plot.

3. Second Son is 18 months old! He deserves a post of his own, but I find chasing him around (and feeding, teaching and cleaning up after his siblings) is keeping a bit too busy to write a proper one. He's saying new words every day, absolutely adores the dog and has a terrible cough.

4.  With the help of Netflix, we managed to get the majority of the stuff out of the "office" and into our bedroom. Only two of the three bookshelves would fit, so a few things are on the floor or piled on the desk. We're still working on a solution. In the meantime, we settled the girls into their new bedroom, complete with painted trim (thanks to the handy Kansas Dad). The girls moved their own clothes, which means they stuffed them into whatever nook and cranny they could find in the cabinet and set of mini-drawers we put in there. The neat organizer in me wants to cry every time I open a door or drawer, so I just won't.

The majority of the week was consumed by the illness that began with First Daughter and progressed through myself, Second Daughter and Second Son. The two little ones are still coughing like crazy and sounding terrible but every day I hope they'll be better.


  1. So, does going to your husband's class count as a date? :)

  2. Well, H of B, it certainly counts as an act of charity on Grammy's part to come baby-sit, but since we're surrounded by college students and another professor...I'm going to say no, it doesn't count as a date.

    We do sit next to each other, though.


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