Monday, February 6, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (19th Ed.)

1. Second Son's growing climbing skills. I really do love them, because they show his health and his independence, even though I tremble a bit at the thought that he may soon be climbing out of his crib or up onto the top bunk (which are terrifyingly now in the same room).

2. Gifts from friends! This week, a friend to whom I lent a diaper cover stopped by with not only the one she had borrowed (which she could have kept if she liked), but a new cover to try and an all-in-one diaper she says is great for heavy wetters. Another friend, reading on facebook about the piles of stuff on the floor of my bedroom after emptying the office to create a girls' room, offered some wall cabinets to us. She even dropped them off! (They are, sadly, still on the floor in the living room, but Kansas Dad had a particularly busy week. Hopefully he'll have time this coming week to get them up.)

3. Second Son reading. That boy is so cute! He'll grab a book, climb up into a chair and start flipping through the pages.

4. I added a candle to our evening prayers, because everyone loves candles. The reverent attitudes are a work in progress, but Second Son is adorable. He loves to sit on my lap or Kansas Dad's lap and will often say "night night" when we start our evening prayers. He also claps when we blow out the candle. I believe this is a remnant from First Son's birthday in December. It's adorable. (Did I mention Second Son is adorable?)

5. Choosing our homeschool books. I've started thinking about what we'll use next year and I love this planning stage! I've got books on hold at the library and am reading through all sorts of options online. In the midst of Kansas monsoons (incredibly weird and depressing any time of year, but especially in February), it's much more interesting to think about next year than to read our lessons for this year. (First Son would agree.)

Sadly, the Patriots did not win the Super Bowl. Kansas Dad will be in football withdrawal for a few weeks but spring planting will be upon us soon. 

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  1. We love candles during prayer time. I get the votive ones like they use at church and then we have the glass liners for them that match up with the liturgical color. I've recently really gotten into using them/the liturgical season as the theme for our table centerpiece. I got the stuff for our lent one this past weekend, and am really excited about how it's going to look! I'll have to post a pic.

    That rain Friday was GREAT, albeit a bit bizarre after the recent "famine"!! We were thrilled with the precip, though. I could never live somewhere where it rained all the time, but I like the occasional rainy day. I find them to be very cozy. Especially when we don't have to go anywhere.


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