Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (24th Ed.)

1. Beautiful weather. Last week was just gorgeous! It's hard to believe since we've had two full days of rain, but we spent lots of time outside last week.

2. Second Son's love of our Lenten traditions. He always wants to help put flowers on our prayer garden and begs for coins for our alms jar.

3. Second Daughter's dancing

4. Second Son hamming it up for the camera

5. First Son's First Communion retreat - This was just fabulous. It began with a Mass, or rather, preparing for Mass. Father invited all of the children to help him set up for Mass. They told him everything he needed, displaying an amazing knowledge of the Mass in the process. I think we were all impressed. What a wonderful experience for them! Then, it got even better. He invited the second graders to come stand behind the altar while he consecrated the bread and the wine. Amazing!! I think the retreat would have been fantastic if it ended after Mass, but they continued on with adoration, crafts, pizza for lunch, recess on our lovely playground (and even running some races with Father), strawberry cupcakes and two separate sessions in the Atrium. So many people in our parish showed God's love for our First Communicants in putting together that retreat. What a blessing!

6. First Son's First Communion - This deserves a post all its own and will receive one...eventually. In the meantime, let me just say it was magnificent.

7. Our celebration - We had enchiladas (First Son's choice), cake, cookies and a few presents with some dear friends. It was quiet but lovely. Kansas Dad made the enchiladas and cleaned up afterward so I could talk.

8. Second Son's crazy hair - This picture doesn't do it justice, but it's the best I could do. No matter what we do, some part of it is sticking up and out. And it's not even always the same part!

We're having a bit of a quiet week here on the Range, trying to catch our breath a bit after First Communion. Next week, my parents will be here for a visit. Hopefully it won't rain all week so we can get out of the house a bit!

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