Friday, April 6, 2012

First Son's First Communion

A few weeks ago, First Son received his First Holy Communion. We've been preparing all year for this day and First Son was eagerly anticipating it. We all dressed up for the occasion in our Easter finery (a little early, I know) and tried to get a family picture. It was a little breezy and Second Son wasn't much in the mood, but First Son looks excited.

The Mass was lovely. First Son read the petitions and did a wonderful job, after a little jab from his parents to go up when it was time to read. He was first in line to receive. Kansas Dad and I were able to stand on either side of him and receive communion at the same time. Our parish, our priest and the PSR teacher for second grade obviously love and care about all of the children in our parish family.

I don't usually include pictures of other children on the blog, but I just love this one of First Son and one of his best friends. Believe me, they rarely look this well-behaved when they're together.

Father was gracious enough to pose for a few pictures with First Son.

You can tell he was as excited about the day as the children were.

Then we celebrated with a quiet lunch at home with some friends. Second Son's godmother prepared the cake. Isn't it lovely? First Son was much impressed.

My cake skills leave much to be desired, but cookies are another matter. I made his favorite home-made Oreos and he was happy to eat cake and cookies. (You can tell I made giant-sized cookies.)

It will be a very special Easter for our family this year. I love that First Communion was during Lent so First Son will be able to receive communion. We're contemplating the adventurous idea of taking all the children to the Easter Vigil...


  1. Do it!!! We're hoping to take both this year (Ruby stayed at home last year) it is such an awesome Mass (albeit it lengthy) that Ira didn't seem to mind too much even. (But this is coming from someone with just 2 kids!) Looks like first son had a beautiful First Communion Day. I can't imagine what it will be like when Ira makes his!

  2. Michelle, we're planning on taking them all, but I'm already nervous about it. The three younger ones all have colds. Ah! I only remember going to the Vigil once when I was a child, but found it deeply meaningful when we started going after Kansas Dad converted. I think it's important that First Son go and I do want to celebrate Easter as a we're going to try. Worst case scenario, I find myself wandering around outside with Second Son. Right?

    Oh, and Ira will be so adorable when he makes his First Communion!

  3. What an awesome day! And cake! And cookies! I've got two weeks (minus a day, now) to finish getting Catherine and her day ready. And the house.


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