Monday, April 16, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (27th Ed.)

1. The kids and I shared a quiet Easter Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday without lessons in celebration of the holiday. (It was a bit of a shock coming back on Friday.)

2. We took a lovely field trip with our story hour friends to the art museum. The kids were shown a few portraits, heard a story, and then had a chance to make their own portraits. First Son and First Daughter did wonderfully. Second Daughter pasted the templates together along with a feather. (The museum guide was very accepting.)

3. Kansas Dad found this video and shared it with me. This boy is awesome.

4. The kids sang at a parish praise and healing service in celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday. They were sweet, if a little restless during the parts when they weren't singing.

5. We had a real tornado scare on Saturday night. Kansas Dad and I spent the evening watching TV and checking a flickering Internet before waking the kids and taking them to the storm shelter through a thunderstorm. It wasn't something I really loved about the week, though I am very grateful we had a clean and safe place to be and that the tornado did not actually come over us and that all of our friends were safe, but it did mean I didn't have a chance to write much this weekend, so this post is the abbreviated version of the week.

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