Monday, April 23, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (28th Ed.)

1. This article about Father Kapaun, a Servant of God from Kansas.

2. First Son begged me to read the third part of Jason and the Argonauts in Classic Myths to Read Aloud. (I refused. I've found it's good for him to have at least a few lessons he can happily anticipate in the coming week.) I was particularly happy about his response to the myth because it seemed every other lesson that day went badly. And we even skipped math!

3. Big Truck Night, even if Second Son cried the whole time.

4. Playing with friends at the church playground on a beautiful afternoon with a surprise visit by Kansas Dad.

5. My last Catechesis training class of the year - It's been great, but I'm ready for a break.

6. The thank you note we received from First Son in the mail. His PSR teacher had all the students write one - what a wonderful idea!

 It's hard to read in the picture, so here's what it says:
Dear Mom and Dad
I wanted to thank you for... giving me a rosary, and a crusefix. I also wanted to thank you for helping me prepere for first confeshon. I relley want to thank you for prepereing me for first comiunoun.
Love [First Son]
7. First Daughter's donut. I don't know why, but she colored it, cut it out, and proudly presented it to Kansas Dad.

8. Next week is week number 32 in our homeschool year. We're in the final four weeks!

Next week is a big one! We've got our last soccer practices, our final day of basketball camp, our final choir rehearsal before the concert, our final Catechesis class followed by a family picnic, our last story hour, our last two soccer games, our last Sunday School class and our choir concert. Sometime in there I'd like to make some loaves of cranberry nut bread to present to all the wonderful people who have been leading all those activities and we must bake two dozen cookies for the concert. And those pesky homeschooling lessons, too. Whew. I'm tired just thinking about it, but I'm looking forward to feeling overwhelmed by free time when all these activities are finished!

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  1. We are in week 32 as well! On the countdown.

    Wow, what a crazy busy week you are having. Mine was last week. Just keep at it, you'll get through!

    Maybe the donut was wishful thinking. :)


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