Monday, April 30, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (29th Ed.)

1. Early this week, I went in to get Second Son out of his crib in the morning and found him in the downward dog position.

2. Second Son says "Star Wars."

The real reason I got out the camera was to record First Daughter reciting the poem she memorized.

Second Daughter insisted on doing something for the camera, too. Here she is singing the Hail Mary.

I panned down so you could see what she selected to wear that day. You can't see it, but there's another skirt under the dress as well.

3. We had our last basketball session this week. First Son and First Daughter have been playing two hours a week at a wonderful "camp" where they show a few of the basics, get the kids running and playing and just generally have fun without making anything too competitive. My kids love it and I survived the extra stress of one more thing on my plate.

4. We also had our last Catechesis class followed by a family picnic. It was a beautiful evening and the children loved running around with all their friends on the playground and in the sunshine. Kansas Dad packed a wonderful dinner. The kids were thrilled to eat Cheetos, a very rare and special treat. Second Son dumped the water bottle all down his front (twice). Here he is with the paper towel he was using to dry himself off.

5. We had one last outing with our story hour friends for the year, a wonderful morning playing on a playground and enjoying strawberry popsicles.

6. Usually, there is a story hour graduation for the children going on to kindergarten. This year, for a variety of reasons, we didn't have one. We wanted to celebrate First Daughter, though, because she had been eagerly anticipating her turn in the graduation, so she chose a dinner and frozen yogurt outing.

Second Son licking up the marinara sauce

7. It was also the last week for soccer games. The weather was again beautiful and the kids received medals.

Ready for the final games

8. It was also the last week for CCD classes on Sunday morning. First Son finished a wonderful year with his first confession and first Communion. Kansas Dad also teaches on Sunday mornings. Now we have a glorious summer of relaxing for an extra hour on Sundays before going to Mass.

9. We had our spring choir concert over the weekend. Second Daughter chose to sit with Grammy rather than sing this time, but the older two did a great job. First Daughter was especially exuberant in her shaker shaking.

10. Second Son now points his finger and says "No, no" whenever someone points a camera in his direction. It's really cute, but also frustrating because it's now nearly impossible to get a picture of him doing anything else.

10. A very dear and generous friend has volunteered to watch our children two consecutive days this coming week so we can attend a memorial service and a parish dinner.

It was a very busy week! I'm thinking it would be nice to take a day or two off, but we have just a few more weeks of school and I am anxious to finish up our lessons. If all goes as planned, we'll be done with math by the end of this week! (Math takes longer than any other subject. Not the lessons so much...all the other stuff.)


  1. What a great week!! I always enjoy reading about your weeks, thanks for sharing.

  2. Whew! What a busy week! Great pictures and I loved the videos!


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