Monday, May 14, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (31st Ed.)

For those interested, here's a picture of the snake I mentioned last week, as it crawled up our window.

1. Last week, we spent Monday, part of Tuesday and all of Wednesday playing with friends. We did a few lessons, too, but it was nice to be able to set them aside for a while.

2. Friday was our last day of school! I am so excited to have some free time! The children are, too. We'll keep up with our math facts and some reading lessons, but it will be nice and relaxed...until all those summer activities start up.

3. On Friday night, we attended a lovely birthday party. The children ate and played outside and even roasted marshmallows. Everyone was happy and covered in dirt and sand when we got home, so we had a quick bath before a late bedtime (by which nearly no one was happy, but that wasn't unexpected).

4. Kansas Dad called me into the bathroom after First Son's shower on Friday night. He had drawn the Eucharist and chalice in the foggy mirror.

5. When one of the other kids will apologize to me, Second Son will repeat them, "Wahwy, Mommy." It's so adorable!

6. On Saturday, we enjoyed a BBQ lunch with Kansas Dad and the graduates of the masters program at his university. I wanted to do something to celebrate the end of the school year, so we took the children to a huge candy store in town. We had never been and it was certainly end-of-school-treat-worthy.

7. I had a lovely Mother's Day. We visited and played with friends after Mass, then met Grammy and Paw Paw for lunch at a restaurant followed by a visit to my favorite frozen yogurt place. The kids went on an errand with Grammy and picked out a beautiful blooming plant for me, then Kansas Dad and I had a little time all to ourselves to go out for coffee and tea. Kansas Dad made dinner and did all the dishes and got the kids ready for bed by himself.


  1. Great week! Happy Mother's Day, and Happy SUMMER!!


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