Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Favorite Picture Books: Peter Spier's Rain

Peter Spier's Rain, a wordless book

In this delightful picture book, Peter Spier shows a brother and sister immersing themselves in a rainstorm. Their mother sends them forth clad in raincoats and rain boots, armed with an umbrella large enough for two. As the book progresses, they seem to explore the entire rainy world...animals, playgrounds, splashes and drops. Every time we look through it, I want desperately to be one of those children, and I think my children do as well.

Then, they come inside to the warmth. They bathe, drink hot chocolate, eat cookies, and enjoy the rest of the rainy day with books and blocks and even a little television. The stormy night is followed by a beautiful day. And lots of rain puddles.

Peter Spier's illustrative style is detailed. The two-page spreads often include up to twelve or thirteen scenes.

A perfect book for springtime. Or anytime.

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