Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quote: Towards a Philosophy of Education

Charlotte Mason in Towards a Philosophy of Education:
As soon as he gets words with which to communicate with us, a child lets us know that he thinks with surprising clearness and directness, that he sees with a closeness of observation that we have long lost, that he enjoys and that he sorrows with an intensity we have ceased to experience, that he loves with an abandon and a confidence which, alas, we do not share, that he imagines with a fecundity no artist among us can approach[,] that he acquires intellectual knowledge and mechanical skill at a rate so amazing, that, could the infant's rate of progress be kept up to manhood, he would surely appropriate the whole field of knowledge in a single lifetime!
This is Second Son right now. It is one of my favorite times in a child's life when everything he says is a astounding revelation, even if I can only understand a fourth of it.

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