Monday, June 18, 2012

What I Loved about Last Week (35th Ed.)

1. Kansas Dad came home! (Oh, wait, I wrote about that last week.)

2. Donut club at our parish. We were all able to do this week and it was just lovely playing out in the sunshine.

3. A good conference call for work.

4. Chicks again! We had the opportunity to order chicks along with some friends. They've been chick-sitting for us for three weeks and now it's our turn while they're on vacation. When they return, they'll take their 5 and we'll have about 25. Eggs in six months. Yum!

5. Second Son reading a story to his friends, complete with light saber.

6. Friends visiting! We had a wonderful visit from dear dear friends from Boston. They and their four children stayed with us for two days on their way to a family gathering in Denver. We ate and played. We visited the science museum and walked along the river. We had a picnic and a bonfire. We played at the park. It was a blessing to have them stay with us and I do hope we are able to return the visit someday.
7. A lovely dinner out with a couple from our parish. They treated us to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants and had all nine of our kids stay with their baby-sitter (who's a wonderful young woman). The kids had a great time and so did the parents.

8. Father's Day with Kansas Dad and his parents. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and ice cream cake. It's been a while since we've been to their house for Sunday lunch and the children were very excited to play in the basement.

We have a quiet week next week - summer reading program, the donut club and a workday at church are the only things on our schedule. We'll get rested up before Totus Tuus starts.

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