Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review: Catholic Icing's "A Picture Book of the Mass"

A Picture Book of the Mass, Illustrated by the Masters, created by Lacy of Catholic Icing (a site every Catholic mom with young children should know, so bookmark it now if you haven't already!)

I was so excited to see these booklets, I ordered a bunch for all my kids and each of our god-families. I asked for an extra copy in exchange for an honest review on my blog. Sometimes this works and I'm so glad this is one of those times!

We have had a number of missals in our home and all of them seem to be full of pictures of Mass in the 1980s or funky illustrations that just don't seem to do Mass the justice it deserves. This book features beautiful full-color high quality reproductions of real art relevant to each part of the Mass. Only two pages don't have any artwork on them and those both have a full-page painting on the facing page. I've never seen a missal quite like this one, especially priced so reasonably, and think it will be a great blessing. Lacy says on her website she thinks this book is great for all Catholics, including adults, and I agree, but I also think all our children deserve missals like these, that feature so much Beauty along with the awe-inspiring sacrifice of the Mass. There's a post over at Catholic Icing with lots of pictures of some of the beautiful artwork.

The text is very simple, showing only the most important and consistent responses and parts of the Mass. It can be used easily throughout the year and in any parish despite differences in celebrations. Of course, it is based on the new translation of the Roman Missal and is published with the approval of the Committee on Diving Worship. The people's responses are all in red, easy to find and read. There are small icons showing when to sit, stand or kneel (enormously helpful for those visiting or new to the Catholic faith).

I just received these today but am really excited to see how the children use them at Mass this weekend. I think helping Second Daughter follow along in the book might help her focus more at Mass. She'll be four next week and has great difficulties being still and quiet at Mass, but she loves Mary and the saints and does want to be good (or so she says); I think she'll love having her own Mass book. I'll help her follow along, of course.

The booklets are already on back-order, but they'll be shipping again on July 23rd. You can go ahead and order now and they'll ship when they're in stock again!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I do not receive anything if you follow a link above and make a purchase.

If you are a parent of one of our godchildren or a godparent of one of our children, I have one of these books for you already. I was thinking of saving them for Christmas, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. If you want it earlier, let me know and I'll get it to you.


  1. I recently received my copies too - but I forgot to bring them with us to Mass this morning! Argh! They look wonderful though, I am so pleased with them.

    BTW, I also received Raising Financially Fit Kids and started reading that. I just finished the section about the 5-8 year olds. There are a lot of great suggestions there, I appreciate you mentioning the book. I am going to be curious to see what you do with it! I really like how they explain what an allowance is - best description I have ever seen. I haven't quite figured out how I am going to implement it, but I definitely will use it.

  2. We used them this morning. First Son (8) and First Daughter (5) did very well with them, but Second Daughter flipped through it in a few minutes before Mass and was done. Sigh. Someday she will be still at Mass. Someday.

    I'm glad you found a lot of good stuff in Raising Financially Fit Kids. It's so nice to have a scaffold to build age appropriate resources for the kids! Next year, we're going to mostly concentrate on some picture books for each skill (except credit cards, because there aren't any good ones for that at our library). Then I just picked one of the recommended activities for each skill - mainly easy things like open a saving account for First Son and create a chore list and range of fees for "extra" chores he can do to earn money. We'll do the activities the second half of the year.

  3. We liked them a lot, I was so pleased to get them. I'm glad I ordered early, my whole motherhood group went in on an order together and we already received them. Kolbe liked looking at the art, especially pointing out the angels. Gemma is still learning. She does all right at Mass overall, and I think this will be helpful thru-out the years. Heck, Aaron and I even used it for the Creed and Gloria, which are still not quite second-nature to us yet.

  4. Monica, I had trouble with the creeds before the new translation - why must there be two? And I can only sing the new Gloria with the music at our parish - can't remember it at all if I have to say it or sing it a different way.

  5. Can't do the creed yet or say the Gloria. Sometimes forget the one where holy is the only new word. I've finally got And With Your Spirit, except if a priest sings the first part, then I autopilot the old sung response.

    I'm glad you wrote about these, because I meant to order some.


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