Monday, August 6, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (41st Ed.)

I really should have picture this week...but I'm too lazy (again) to get them off the camera.

1. Watching the "'Lympics" with the kids (as Second Daughter calls them). They're fascinated by everything. We've talked about the different sports, exercises, dedication, perseverance, different countries, different colors of people all over the world, winning and losing gracefully, and generally just had a good time.

2. A very old friend was near-by last week on a business trip. She stopped by for dinner two days last week! We're really hoping she'll be back again soon.

3. Second Son's baptism anniversary was last week. I asked that the Mass be said for his intentions that day so we started with daily Mass. He was kind of grumpy all day and into the night. Hopefully that didn't have anything to do with the Mass and his baptism anniversary blessing!

4. On Saturday Kansas Dad went into the office to focus on his grading. We had a quiet day at home. At one point, First Son decided to write a letter to an author (of his own accord, and a very nice one at that!) while First Daughter said a Rosary by herself. I would have felt proud of our parenting skills if Second Son and Second Daughter hadn't been following each other around the whole time fighting over anything either one of them touched.

5. I have decided that First Son is really and truly finally reading silently. For a long time he refused to even try. For even longer I was convinced he was just looking at pictures, but I think he's got the knack now. These sorts of things are very exciting for some reason.

6. Second Son "punching" along with our exercise video and counting (something like "two and nine and two and free and one and nine"). He's so adorable!

7. Swimming again! We braved the water park again on Sunday. It had cooled down into the mid-90s so it was almost too chilly outside! We took the little ones to the indoor heated pool for the last half hour. Everyone had a great time at the pool, but it does seem to end up in exhaustion and whining before the day is out. Second Daughter fell asleep right after dinner on Grammy's couch, slept when we moved her to the van, while Kansas Dad ran errands, when we moved her out of the van, when I changed her into pajamas, and all the way into bed for the night.

8. I'm finished making our lesson plans! They're insanely detailed, but that's how I like them. There's no way we'll do every single thing I have on there, but I prefer to cut later than to try to remember something I thought we might try if we had time. Now I just need to figure out when we're going to fit them into our days. And I need to tackle the homeschooling baskets and cabinets. They are still a disaster from last year!

First Son is serving as an altar server at daily Mass this coming week! We have lots of errands and a little more planning and organizing to do before school starts on the 13th! Exciting!

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  1. I'm excited for all you getting ready to start your school years...and completely awed by all your hard work. Amazing!!


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