Monday, September 24, 2012

Changes and Timing

For a while now I've been posting on Mondays (What I Loved About Last Week), Wednesdays (My Favorite Picture Books) and Fridays (whatever else was on my mind, usually a book or homeschool review). Frankly, the Monday morning post just doesn't work well for me. I'm so tired on Sunday nights after finalizing our week's school plans and I just don't want to sit at the computer!

So I'm going to start posting about our weeks on Saturday mornings. I think Friday nights will be a better time for me. (And this Friday I firmly intend to figure out how to get the pictures off my new camera!)

I think I'll post about picture books on Tuesdays and other random things on Thursdays, if I have anything to share. Perhaps I'll only post regularly twice a week. Surely the world will continue if I don't post three times every week...right?

In the meantime, let us all do the dance of joy because P90X is done!

I'll pause for your dancing.

Kansas Dad and I completed the whole thirteen weeks (though I did miss two days) and will be doing the final fit test tonight. I'm not sure how much I'll have improved, but I do know I could actually succeed if for some bizarre reason someone demanded, "Drop and give me twenty!" (I don't recommend you try this if you know me in real life because, even though I can, I probably won't.)

Also, if you're lucky, you may see Second Son cross his arms and yell in his deepest-two-year-old-voice "Bring it!" It's fabulously funny.

One of these days I'm going to write a review of Power 90 and P90X for the blog, though I'm sure you can read much better ones already online.


  1. Saturday mornings are a really good time for me to blog as well. There is just too much on Mondays. I have scaled back to one, maybe two posts a week now just due to the fact that, wow, I have three very needy children. And far as I know, the world is still turning. Amazing, I know.

    I would have done a happy dance for you, but typing while holding a nursing/sleeping babe is enough multitasking for me right now. ALthough I could go for a cup of coffee about now. CONGRATS though, that's awesome. If someone asked me to drop and give them twenty I would laugh at them.

  2. I blog in spurts, so whatever works! Congrats on finishing! That's awesome.


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