Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What I Loved About the Last Two Weeks (44th Ed.)

I missed last week. Again. And then I didn't even get this post up yesterday (though it was Labor Day). Oh well, it's my blog so whatever I do is alright, right?

1. Our second week of school was a little calmer, at least during the day.

2. We've been enjoying nature outside our front door. We had a snake living along our front path for a while, a tiny baby gopher snake. We also saw a wasp kill a spider and drag it away.

3. Some fun videos. (Believe it or not, First Daughter has memorized a few more poems since I recorded these.)

4. A few weeks ago, we visited a zoo for a family-friendly event. The highlight of the evening was the parrot enclosure, when Kansas Dad was a favorite roost.

5. We had our Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Open House a week ago. I am so very glad to be past this event! The coordinator and I spent nine hours in the Atrium over the course of three nights (in a row) after dinner to get all the new materials collected and organized. It looked gorgeous! Our first classes are this week so we're about to get even busier!

Presentation in the Temple for Level 2
6. I finally sat down and designed our photo book for the second quarter of 2012. I was able to purchase it during a great sale. It's not something on my must-do-or-our-family-falls-apart list, but I do so much like to have photos on paper where the children can enjoy them.

7. Second Daughter's baptism anniversary was last week. Daily Mass was said for her intentions on Thursday. I made cookies on Friday and she received a new Glory Story CD. Her favorite part (other than the cookies, of course, which they're still enjoying every day) was blowing out the candle.

8. Second Son can say his name! It's adorable, of course. He has also started calling his big brother "Zeba" quite clearly. I have no idea where he heard it, but it is further proof that First Son's name is very difficult to say. Some of his other names have been "Adeb" and "Beda."

9. Over Labor Day weekend, Grammy treated us to the little water park again before they closed for the winter. Then she kept all the kids overnight while Kansas Dad and I had a lovely Japanese dinner, a relaxing evening at the bookstore, a few cocktails, and fit in a little shopping.

This week we start Catechesis. The girls are in a Level 1 class and First Son is in a Level 2 class (at different times, of course). I think we'll also start soccer this week. I think story hour at our local library will start next week. Then we'll really be able to get into the rhythm of our school year.


  1. AHHHHHH #9 sounds wonderful!!!

    Blessings with your school year, sounds like you'll have a great year at CGS. I am looking forward to Gemma starting in October here in town!

  2. Monica and HOB, it was wonderful! It's the first time Second Son stayed all night with her and went very well.


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