Saturday, September 29, 2012

What I Loved About the Last Two Weeks (47th Ed.)

Trying out my new camera

Kansas Dad says this picture says just about all you need to know about our lives.

Yet this one manages to add something.

All four kids - and three of them are smiling!
1. We had a wonderful trip to the zoo after a morning of dentist appointments.

2. Soccer games - They wreak havoc with schedules, but it's so much fun to be outside and running around! (Or to be outside watching others run around.)

3. We've had lots of play time outside, especially at the playground at our parish. I love watching the kids run around and dig in the dirt with so many friends.

4. We had our first monthly faith formation coop. First Son played games after listening to a Glory Story. First Daughter learned how to sew on plastic canvas. Second Daughter learned about the courage of St. Clare (and drew a fantastic picture of her). Second Son and I hung out in the nursery but he got to play outside with everyone else.

5. First Daughter had a birthday party! For some reason, she wanted a mermaid party. I didn't really know what to do with that. I found some cupcake toppers in sea animal shapes. Kansas Dad picked up colored sand and we made bracelets with the girls. First Daughter drew a "pin the hair-shell decoration on the mermaid" game. (Apparently, my kids think you have to pin something on something to have a respectable birthday party.) Amazingly, the girls spent the first hour coloring mermaid pictures I printed off the web and decorating them with some jeweled stickers. (Believe me, there are a lot of bad mermaid pictures out there, but I found a handful appropriate for the 4-8 crowd.)

6. After the birthday party, Kansas Dad and I did our final P90X workout!!

7. A few days later, First Daughter celebrated her sixth birthday. I can't believe she's six! I have a birthday post in progress.

First Daughter with her birthday pancake (aka Pancake-as-Big-as-Her-Head).
8. I've gathered costumes for the children to wear with our parish float in the local parade. It's an invitation to our All Saint's Trunk or Treat celebration so they are all wearing saint costumes: St. George, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and St. Gianna Molla. I imagine they're going to have a fantastic time. What kid doesn't want to be in a parade?


  1. Loved the pictures!! Your Faith Formation coop sounds awesome!!

  2. I do really like it! It's more of a "we want our kids to have fun and friendships with other homeschooling families" but they do everything in the context of faith. I especially like how First Son has a chance to run around with lots of other boys and play some team sports. That's something I just can't provide on my own.

  3. I like the same for our Dominic.

    Happy Birthday to Second Daughter! She is so sweet!


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