Monday, September 10, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (45th Ed.)

1. We've finished four weeks of school and it's going pretty well. First Daughter is flying through her lessons. I'm really pleased with our new spelling and cursive programs.

2. First Son mastered addition! He can do all the facts on XtraMath in less than three seconds. Consistently. Now it's on to subtraction. (I wish they'd give him some addition again now and then, but I suppose I can start his year over if I want. And he's still doing the fact sheets for math.)

3. We had our first Catechesis classes of the year. Wonderful, wonderful!

4. I got a new camera. I was hoping to make it to Christmas, but my old one was getting worse and worse. It stopped closing all the way, then it wouldn't turn on unless you hit the power button twice, then it wouldn't show some of the get the picture. It's a lot faster so maybe I can get some better pictures of kids in motion. (I should go get the camera and upload some of the pictures, but I just haven't the energy. Just imagine how wonderful they are!)

5. I made a chocolate angel food cake to celebrate the Feast of the Birth of Mary. I was especially pleased when First Son requested this cake I've made the past few years; perhaps he's starting to appreciate the rhythm of our family's liturgical celebrations. (I had considered skipping it since we just celebrated a baptism anniversary and we have a family birthday in a few weeks and there's this pesky P90X nutrition plan...but they asked.)

6. First Son served his first Sunday Mass! I love how that boy loves to serve.

7. Kansas Dad ran errands on Saturday with Second Son. Then he took First Daughter with him on errands on Sunday. It's nice to know the kids are getting some one-on-one time with Dad. We've also been letting First Son stay up a bit later in the evenings and playing lots of The Scrambled States of America Game.

8. First Daughter made a potholder. Grammy picked up a little activity set for her and she went right to work. We've used it a few times this week and it hangs in a nice little spot in the kitchen.

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  1. Gemma was excited to celebrate the BVM's bday, and requested a cake instead of the blueberry muffins we had last year. I couldn't believe she remembered! It is fun establishing these traditions with our family.

    I was thinking about those potholder sets one day recently. I remember loving those!!


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