Saturday, October 6, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (48th Ed.)

1. I finally pulled everything off my new camera and found this fun video:

2. Every night, during evening prayers, we encourage the children to say their own prayers. Recently, Second Daughter has been choosing the prayer card for St. George which includes an opportunity to name your own intercessions. Every night, Second Daughter sweetly prays for everyone who is sick or hurting or "has hiccups" to get better.

3. Last weekend, the children dressed up as saints to ride in our parish's float in a local parade.

St. Gianna, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and St. George

 4. On Monday, we celebrated First Daughter's baptismal anniversary with lunch at Taco Bell (at her request). We also enjoyed some shortbread cookies of a dove in honor of the Holy Spirit.

5. First Daughter's well-child visit was last week. She is as healthy as we expected. We followed up the appointment with a bit of time playing at the park.

6. The kids had their first choir rehearsal last week.

7. We spent Friday at a living history museum not too far from home. We've gone there every year for three years and it's just wonderful every time.

Wagon ride

Second Son trying out the bowling

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