Saturday, November 10, 2012

What I Loved about the Last Two Weeks (52 Ed.)

1. The new chicken coop is up and running! Kansas Dad says he has a few last improvements to make, but the hens are happily settled and laying lots and lots of eggs.

Preparing to release the hens in their new home

Roaming (almost) free

The nesting boxes inside the tarp - they like the top ones
2. I finally got to see First Son play in a soccer game. Between birthday parties, my Catechesis training, illnesses, and cancellations, I missed most of his season, but I made this one!

3. Our parish All Saints' party. The committee does a wonderful job. Lots of families came to celebrate together. And lots of people decorated their trunks and handed out candy. What more could you ask?

Mama, St. Juan Diego, St. Gianna Molla, Bl. John Paul II, St. Joan of Arc

4. Second Daughter can write her name! She demonstrated her new skill for us on the cupboard. I should really own stock in the Magic Eraser folks.

5. First Son made chocolate chip cookies for his math lesson. I just helped a little. He did nearly all the reading, measuring, and even half of the scooping. He graciously shared some with his soccer coach.

6. My parents came for a visit! (We had a fabulous time; continue reading. I did not take pictures. Ah!)

7. Halloween. My parents arrived in time for our annual pizza dinner and trick-or-treating with Grammy in her neighborhood. Second Son liked the candy, but he wanted to be carried everywhere. I think his costume was a little too big and hindered his mobility.

a mermaid, a princess, Elmo, and a ninja

8. Our parish All Saints' Mass at which the children sang in the choir. It's not a concert choir; it's a ministry. I'm so glad they have this opportunity.

9. My mom and I spent a whole entire day shopping. We drove into town right after Mass and didn't come home until dinner. It was lovely! Even better, I only bought stuff for myself and my mom treated me quite a bit (early Christmas). I have a warm winter coat (for the first time in years I won't be sharing Kansas Dad's zip-out inner coat) and a lovely Sunday coat. I also found a few other things I needed in smaller sizes. (I'm smiling.)

10. While my parents were in town, we took the children to the county historical museum. It's not big but surprisingly well-done. My dad and I love that sort of thing and the kids endured the two hour visit rather well. We followed the museum with an hour playing at the park and then dinner out with Kansas Dad.

11. First Son, First Daughter, and Second Daughter had their last soccer games of the fall. I love that they play soccer, but I'm always tremendously glad when it's over. Second Daughter did not really want to play (though she had insisted she did before the season). Now to decide...should we bother dragging her out to the field in the spring?

12. Mom and Dad watched the kids for us and Kansas Dad and I feasted at our favorite sushi restaurant. Then we had a few drinks and visited a bookstore for a while before heading home to play a few games with my parents before bed.

13. We went to a fabulous birthday party at which all four children earned Jedi light sabers and costumes. The birthday boy's uncle even dressed as Darth Vader and attempted an attack. (He was taken down.) Second Son was a little nervous; he would chase him, but if Darth got too close he retreated behind Kansas Dad. Later that evening, as we were leaving Kansas Dad's parents' house, they turned on the lights and battled Kansas Dad in the dusk. I hope it's a memory they treasure always because I will (despite the tears when it was really and truly time to get in the van and go home). The kids have been battling on a daily basis. I had to make a rule: no light sabers in the kitchen.

14. We finished our first term of school! We're one week into the second term! Hooray!

15. First Son and First Daughter are both more than half-way through the math book. At this rate, we'll finish early and everyone will be happy.

16. First Son also mastered subtraction on Xtramath this week. He's on to multiplication.

17. Dear friends who are also homeschooling using volume 3 of Connecting with History invited us to a medieval feast - and a feast it was! They served a three course meal! The children designed shields and entertained as minstrels during the dinner. Best of all, they asked us to be godparents to their baby girl due in December. Blessings, blessings, blessings!

18. Election Day is over. Now we'll have a small break from election ads and calls.

Whew, I'm tired just reading over this list!

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