Saturday, December 8, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (54th Ed.)

This post should be what I loved about the last two weeks, but most of the previous week I was sick followed by a weekend of stomach illness that spread through the whole family. Ugh.

So mostly we're just going to focus on the past week.

1. We made our Advent ornaments. I'm even contemplating attempting a picture with all four children for the label...

2. Advent has begun! We have a few new things this year and some treasured traditions.

3. Kansas Dad took good care of us when we were all sick. He went above and beyond.

4. Kansas Dad finished up a big work project last week. We're all glad the hard work is behind him and are hoping for some good results.

5. We celebrated the feast of St. Nicholas last Thursday. The kids were up early begging to pull the goodies out of their stockings.

happy Second Daughter
6. The three older children and I made plaster-of-Paris "fossils" with some shells. They turned out really well and I was only a little impatient with them. Hopefully we'll have time to paint them in the near future. (Painting isn't quite authentic, but it said in the book you could paint them, so of course we must.)

7. We are busy preparing for First Son's ninth birthday. His party is on Sunday and there are many goodies to make.

8. Second Son has been using the bathroom. He's always successful if I take him in, but it's not like his diapers are dry so we've got a ways to go.

9. One night last week, Kansas Dad took all four kids out to help him with the chickens. They were entertained for hours throwing straw around the chicken run, rolling in it, and even playing some sort of baseball game adapted from Calvin and Hobbes.

10. First Son and Kansas Dad have been playing chess nearly every night after the younger three go to bed. I don't like to play chess myself, but I love that First Son wants to play. (I've been playing a lot of dominoes with the kids this week. Second Daughter loves matching up the dots.)

11. The children are singing in the choir at mass today.

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  1. My hubby LOVES Calvin and Hobbes.

    We should play dominoes more. Thanks for the reminder.

    Need. To. Make. Dough. For. Ornaments...
    Need to do it.

    That's all.


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